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What is Sportsman’s Hernia:

Sportsman's hernia / sports hernia / disrupted groin / athletic pubalgia / Gilmore’s groin all refer to the same condition.

Sportsman's hernia is Chronic pain in the groin or lower abdominal wall area caused by injury, tear, or strain in the soft tissues, tendons, or muscles. Most often caused by sports that require sudden changes of direction or twisting movements.

The name “sportsman’s hernia” is misleading, since it is not a real hernia, and not only sportsmen, but anyone can have it. It usually starts with sudden strong pain, which subsides to chronic dull or aching pain. It can settle but reoccurs on resuming activity. Pain is difficult to exactly localize.

At DRHC, we have expert surgeons who specialize in this field. When dealing with sportsman's hernia, choosing the right surgeon is crucial.

Sports Hernia Diagnosis:

Diagnosis can be challenging due to the complex anatomy of the area and several conditions can present with similar symptoms. Neurology, urology, gynecology, and orthopedic considerations may also be necessary, but most important is a thorough examination by an experienced surgeon with expertise in the field. Imaging studies, like Ultrasound, MRI, CT, or X-ray may also be necessary.

Sports Hernia Treatment:

Conservative treatment with initial rest, physiotherapy, and anti-inflammatory medications may help. If symptoms don’t settle after 2-6 months, you may need to undergo surgery.

Laparoscopic /keyhole/ or open repair are all possible surgeries. I prefer laparoscopy, which I found highly effective in my practice.

After Laparoscopy around:

  • 90% of patients improved and are happy that they underwent repair. 
  • 50% become symptom free.
  • 34% have minimal residual symptoms on heavy physical activity.
  • 16% have slight to moderate symptoms which are sometimes job limiting.

Laparoscopy is performed through 3 tiny incisions in your abdomen as a day case procedure. You can resume normal daily activities as soon as you feel comfortable, usually the next day after surgery.

At Dr. Rami Hamed Center, our surgeons have the experience and expertise needed to perform this specialized procedure with precision, ensuring the best possible outcome for our patients.

If you’re experiencing pain in your groin without obvious reason, you may have a sportsman’s hernia (disrupted groin). I recommend booking an appointment to check it out, as it won’t generally heal on its own and there is a good chance to cure it.


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