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A generally harmless form of Hernia affecting children

 An umbilical hernia is a common disease that occurs when the muscles of the abdominal wall weaken and bulge out. The swelling in the navel area increases when coughing or doing intense muscle exercise, that's why the patient should avoid any activities that increase pressure on the abdomen. Umbilical Hernia can be treated by wearing a truss or applying a bandage to reduce pressure on the hernia. If there is a protrusion, the physician may recommend surgery.

What does it look like?

An Umbilical Hernia looks like a protrusion of abdominal contents, usually peritoneal membrane, abdominal fat, or intestine, through a weakness in the abdominal wall muscles in the navel. This defect usually forms at the site of passage of the umbilical cord through the muscles of the abdominal wall in fetal life.

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  • The first thing to notice will be the swelling in the navel, which increases when standing up or coughing.
  • Umbilical discomfort
  • An incarcerated inguinal hernia happens when the tissue becomes stuck in the groin and isn’t reducible., meaning that it can’t be pushed back into place.
  • Strangulated inguinal hernias are a more serious medical condition. It happens when the intestine tissue in an incarcerated hernia has its blood flow cut off
Symptoms of strangulated hernia:
  • severe pain
  • fever
  • rough, swollen, reddish bulging
  • nausea or vomiting
  • inability to defecate or pass gases
You have to visit the emergency room immediately when these symptoms appear

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There are many causes of Umbilical Hernia, including: 
  • Obesity
  • Age: leading to muscle weakness
  • Pregnancy
  • Ascites
  • Peritoneal dialysis
  • Stressful physical activity

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An Umbilical Hernia can be diagnosed through:
  • Careful clinical examination
  • Ultrasound  scan on the abdomen to confirm the diagnosis
  • Abdominal CT scan in rare cases

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  • Treatment of umbilical hernia is surgical
  • Open surgery with minor hernia mesh
  • Laparoscopic surgery with mesh for oversized hernia

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