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  • Inguinal hernia is one of the most common types of hernias and is known to account for 2/3 of hernia conditions. Since more than 90% hernia patients are known to be men, the condition of Inguinal hernia is also more common within the male population.
  • However, despite the large number of men suffering from this condition only about 20% get the condition treated, mainly because they consider the repair a complicated process. this is of course not true.


What exactly is Inguinal Hernia?

  • Inguinal hernia is a condition wherein the patients experience a bulge or protrusion in the groin or scrotum area. This bulge occurs when fatty or intestinal tissue pushes through the inguinal canal, which is located at the base of the abdomen. This bulge can be painful especially when the patients cough, bend over or even lift a heavy object.

Causes of Inguinal Hernia

  • One of the major causes of inguinal hernia is an opening in the groin muscle wall which does not close as it is supposed to after birth.
  • This leads to the creation of a weak spot in the belly muscle and any extra pressure applied to this area often leads to the development of the condition of hernia.
  • The condition can occur within a short time after birth or can remain dormant for many years before it becomes evident much later in life.

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Symptoms of the condition

Many patients do not experience any symptoms for the condition except for a noticeable bulge along the pubic or groin areas. However, the other common symptoms that are generally associated with inguinal hernia include the following.

  • A burning or aching sensation around the bulge
  • Pain or discomfort in the groin especially while coughing or bending over
  • A sensation of heaviness or dragging in the groin area
  • Sharp pain along with swelling of the scrotum
  • Weakness or pressure in the groin area

In most cases, the patients are able to gently push the bulge back into the abdomen and it might even reduce in size and gradually disappear on its own when they lie down.

Treating the condition

  • Even though inguinal hernia is not necessarily dangerous, it does not improve on its own. In fact, timely detection and proper treatment of the condition is recommended to prevent it from becoming a cause of life-threatening complications.
  • The most common method of treating an inguinal hernia recommended by the doctors is surgery. In some cases, the surgery might be avoided, especially if the patients do not experience any pain or discomfort or the hernia is too small.
  • Doctor advices treatment, either by open surgery or laparoscopic.

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