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An effective  method for diagnosing and resolving knee problems

  • Arthroscopic knee procedures are an extremely popular procedure as they help patients suffering from various joint issues to avoid open surgery and yet get significant relief from their specific problem.
  • Knee arthroscopy is one such procedure that provides considerable relief to patients who have been troubled by various problems with this important leg joint.
    Knee Arthroscopy in Dubai DRHC

Introduction to Knee Arthroscopy:

  • Knee arthroscopy is just like any other arthroscopic procedure where a viewing device and various surgical instruments are inserted into the knee joint through small incisions shaped like a triangle.
  • The viewing device generally comprises a small camera, a fiber-optic light source, and a magnifying glass.
  • The surgical instruments might include various remote-operated tools that are necessary to perform the appropriate treatment of the problem after its diagnosis.

Why perform Knee Arthroscopy:

In addition, Orthopedic surgeons providing expert treatment for sports injuries might suggest this procedure to their clients to help manage excessive pain or diagnose the reason for the same.

Associated Risks and Complications:

  • Like most other arthroscopic procedures, knee arthroscopy is an extremely low-risk invasive treatment method.
  • In some rare cases, the patients are known to suffer from some post-operative complications such as bleeding, formation of blood clots, infection, stiffness, swelling, and numbness around the incisions. However, all these problems can be easily managed and treated with proper medical care.
  • Some patients might also experience problems like high fever, redness around the operated area, a flow of pus from the incisions, and increased pain in the calf muscle along with significant swelling of the calf, foot, and ankle.
  • In such cases, the patients should seek immediate medical attention to avoid any further complications.

Recovery Period and Expected Outcomes:

  • The recovery time varies from patient to patient and generally depends on the types of surgery as well as the overall fitness and well-being of the patients.
  • Since it is an outpatient procedure, the patients can get a discharge on the same day although they would be required to undertake RICE (rest, ice, compression, and elevation) treatment for more than a couple of weeks to ensure their complete recovery and effective results.bookanappointment (1)

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