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Pediatric Supracondylar Fracture - DRHC Dubai Pediatric Orthopedic Clinic

One of the most common fractures in children. It occurs in children of 4-9 years of age from a fall on an outstretched hand. This fracture can be non displaced or displaced . To consult with pediatric orthopedic specialist at DRHC, Dubai Healthcare City branch, you can call at +97142798200.

Sometimes associated with artery or nerve injury or another fracture like distal arm fracture.


The child comes with pain and swelling in the elbow or unable to move the arm. Usually there is deformity in the elbow.

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Treatment Options

Treatment for supracondylar fractures is always urgent, and in cases of vascular involvement, it becomes an emergency.

  • Non-Displaced or Minimally Displaced Fractures: If the fracture is non-displaced or minimally displaced with minimal swelling, we apply a long arm cast with less than 90° of elbow flexion. This is typically used for 3 weeks, and we repeat an elbow x-ray at 1 week to assess for interval displacement.
  • Displaced Fractures: If the fracture is displaced, we perform closed reduction and percutaneous pinning (without an open wound). Unless there is vascular injury, we treat it as an emergent case that may need open reduction and exploration of the artery, with extreme caution to prevent developing compartment syndrome in the arm.

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