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We say the baby has flat foot when there is decrease in the medial longitudinal arch of the foot. Sometimes its accompanied by valgus heel, the heels that goes away from the midline. DRHC offers the best pediatric orthopedic doctor in Dubai for pediatric flatfoot treatment

Ligamentous laxity is common cause for flat foot , especially the familial cases.

Other causes include:

  • Tight heel cord
  • Accessory navicular(additional bone one medial side of the foot)
  • Tarsal coalition(fusion between tow tarsal bones)
  • Vertical talus(deformity in the foot)

Some cases resolves spontaneously. Flat foot can be flexible(correctable when asking the child to stand on his toes)or rigid (can’t be corrected while standing on toes). DRHC offers the best pediatric orthopedic services in Dubai.

Pediatric Flatfoot - Orthopedic Doctor DRHC

When a young patient come to our clinic with rigid flat foot, we suspect tarsal coalition or congenital vertical talus or congenital hind-foot deformity. All of these need surgery to correct.

Usually there is no pain or complaint from the child. The parents notice the flat foot, but sometimes after walking a long distance or playing, there is pain on medial side of the foot or pain at the leg.

Asymptomatic flatfeet patients may progress to symptomatic disease as ongoing degenerative processes turn flexible deformities into rigid ones.

Treatment of flatfoot in Dubai DRHC.

When there is symptom of foot pain or leg pain and the child can’t participate in sport activity, we start with rest(less walking ,less running), pediatric physiotherapy to strengthen leg and foot muscles and stretching calf muscle, anti-inflammatory medicine, insole and shoe modifications(medial arc.) and immobilizing in a cast for severe pain.

If the conservative treatment has failed, we have many surgical techniques starting with Achilles tendon lengthening, calcaneal lengthening osteotomy(Evans), calcaneal sliding osteotomy, Medial cuneiform osteotomy(cotton osteotomy), stabilizing the subtalar joint with a new implants (Kalix implant),and finally triple arthrodesis of the hind foot joints.

xray image - pediatric orthopedic clinicxray of pediatric flatfoot- Dubai Ortopedic clinic


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