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A longitudinal deficiency of the tibia with varying degrees of tibial absence. It is  rare condition characterized by partial to complete absence of the tibia with variable degrees of knee deformity and function

There is inheritance pattern for this condition (autosomal dominant).There may be deficiency in other bone or other tissues sometimes accompanied by deficiency of femur or fibula or foot bone also. Muscles vessels and nerves may be deficient.This condition is a part of Longitudinal limb deficiency.

Findings are shortening of the affected extremity,anterolateral bowing of the tibia, prominent fibular head, knee flexion contracture(cant fully extend the knee), rigid equinovarus of the foot.

Stability of the knee joint and active knee extension is essential to start lengthening treatment. The main goal of treatment is to create a stable and functional limb.

Tiabial deficiency surgical treatment should be in four phrases:

  • The first surgery is at early age (6-12 months) to correct the deformity before the child start walking.
  • The second surgery will be at age 5 years for leg lengthening before the child get in school .
  • The third surgery will be at age 8-10 years old and it aims to lengthen the short leg and to slow the longitudinal growth at the long leg.
  • The fourth surgery will be at the puberty age (14-16)years old and it aims to equal any remnant or difference between legs length.

Every stage has its own details and precautions




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