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Rezūm device depends on injection of hot water vapor inside the prostate in different areas that will lead to decrease the enlarged size of the prostate without the need for prostate surgical removal

Treat the Prostate Now. No Need for Surgical Removal

enlarged Prostate problem is common in men and is diagnosed after performing the investigations. Most patients, do not know the causes why they have these problems.

New techniques in the treatment of benign prostatic enlargement, that cure and decrease the size of the prostate without surgical removal of the prostate.

That is different from any other endo-urology machines which all excise the prostate
( No More prostatectomy operations )

enlarged Prostate

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Now Less or No Side effect that happened after Rezūm procedure.

- One Day Simple procedure that takes about 15 min.
- No more Fear from bleeding, Incontinence, infertility, or loss of sexual activity

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