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Since the introduction of the use of Laser energy to vaporizer or resection or even vaporize the obstructing prostatic tissue in 1990, there was several innovations of different types of laser beams and more efficiently there became better understanding of the applications of laser in soft tissues. The recent and latest use of Diode Laser 940 micron as side firing vaporization is preferred for the following advantages:

 1- Easy to perform, rapid to learn and of higher ablation rate than other types of lasers.

 2- Being highly absorbed by water and HB, it is the logic type of laser.

 3- Indications and contraindications are the same of other lasers.

 4- Longer is the life of the fibers due to the LPS technology.

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For these advantages, we are using this technology since almost 4 years with very good success in medium to large obstructing prostate indicated for surgical removal.


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