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The history of prostatectomy was very disappointing as it is an organ that has to be removed for urinary obstruction but on removal we do not control the vascular supply first.  Bleeding with some other complications constructed the bad history of open surgical removal. For the best prostate treatment in Dubai, contact DRHC Urology Clinic on +97142798200.

The advancement then was in the electric diathermy solid state where you can cut and coagulate through endoscopy with minimal blood loss.  This is called the Transurethral Resection Procedure (TURP).  Out of the better results, there is inevitable absorption of fluid irrigation in the surgery reaching a minimum of two (2) liters during a one hour resection.  This fluid disturbs the electrolyte concentration in a process of dilution that can be fatal.

Using the physiological saline is not applicable with this monopolar diathermy.

In 1990, there was an innovation using saline for patient safety with advancement in the diathermy bipolar state.  This situation developed a soft tissue vaporization phenomenon called the plasma state.

A fourth material state can develop for the high bipolar current in saline and from the dissociation of sodium chloride.

You can cut, coagulate and even vaporize the prostate with minimal internal body change.   We are using this procedure with marked patient safety and even regarded better than the use of high output laser.  The results are excellent and immediate so the post-operative catheter can be removed on the same day.

 Patients are now offered a procedure with a high safe success rate.

Dr Rami Hamed Center in Dubai has treatment for all kinds of urology problems including prostate cancer or any prostate disease.