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Prostate Cancer Treatment - Dubai Urology Clinic

Our Dubai Urology clinic pays particular interest to the treatment of prostate cancer following the latest medical and surgical technologies and concentrates on early detection of prostate cancer via regular screening tests. DRHC offers treatment for prostate problems in Dubai


Prostate cancer affects mostly elderly men with various grades and stages of progression and can be undiagnosed in low grades cases in many elderly men. Prostate Cancer is the most common cancer in Males. DRHC offers urological cancer treatment in Dubai.

Risk Factors

There are three well-established risk factors for prostate Cancer:

  1. Genetic factors
  2. Race
  3. Old age

Genetic factors are most important when assessing the risk of developing clinical Prostate cancer, while other factor's risk impact is less. 

Prostate Cancer Treatment

Screening and early detection:

The biological screening tools are readily available (total and free Prostate Specific Antigen - PSA).  It is a blood sample which makes the screening very easily performed everywhere. We advise yearly PSA checks when above the age of 50 years and of course combined with the regular urological examination if levels are elevated.

Early detection and diagnosis of prostate cancer can save the patient from advanced disease as the disease can be silent in many cases. Also, the patient can get benefits from robotic prostate surgery for better outcomes and fewer complications. This will, of course, have a significant impact on the quality of life of patients with prostate cancer.


Dubai Urology Clinic - DRHC offers treatment of prostate cancer following the latest surgical technologies and concentrate on early detection. DRHC men's health clinicin Dubai has all the advanced facilities for urological treatment.