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Genital Herpes - Sexually Transmitted Infection Test in Dubai DRHC

1- What is genital herpes?

Is a form of sexually transmitted infection and is the leading cause of genital painful ulcers

2- How is it caught?

Although transmission of HSV infections generally results from intimate skin to- skin contact with an infected individual, it can also result from exposure to infected saliva, semen, vaginal secretions, or fluid from active herpetic lesions.

3- What are the symptoms?

Tingling or burning feeling in the genital area then a crop of small vesicles appears; after these vesicles breaking or splitting as a result of internal pressure after 24 hours to leave small, red, painful ulcers.


The virus usually affects the shaft of the penis but can involve the glans and coronal sulcus, and the anus.


Blisters develop around the opening of, and just inside, the vagina and sometimes on the cervix and anus.

4- Does it recur?

After the first infection, the herpes virus remains deep in the nerves that supply the affected area of the skin. Half of those who have the first episode have recurrent attacks; the others have no recurrences A recurrence, not a reinfection. The infection results from reactivation of a latent virus. It is very important to see a doctor immediately because If started at the first prodromal symptoms or sign of a recurrence, a treatment of episodic outbreaks will not only reduce the severity and duration of lesions, but may also completely abort the clinical attack, stopping the lesions from progressing beyond the papule stage.

5- What should you do?

If you think you have herpes, see your doctor. You should not have intercourse during an attack, because you are likely to transmit the infection to your partner.

6- Can it be a nasty, dangerous problem?

  • Herpes infections are troubling enough by themselves, but they also represent A risk factor for acquiring and spreading other STIs.
  • Herpes is one of the most common infections found in HIV-infected adults; 90 % of HIV patients are also infected with HSV.
  • It can be a nasty, dangerous problem if it develops during pregnancy.
  • Inform your obstetrician if you have a history of genital herpes.

7- What is the treatment?

  • There is no cure but it can be treated effectively
  • Wear loose clothes and cotton underwear. Avoid tight jeans
  • Rest and relax as much as possible. Warm salt baths can be soothing

Your doctor can prescribe a special antiviral drug to reduce the severity of the attack. The drug is most effective if started on the first day of the infection. Prevention/ Latex condoms are impermeable to passage of the HSV-2.


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