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Condylomata acuminata are bumps that come out on the skin in the sexual area of ​​men and women, and they can affect any other parts of the body including the inguinal region, lower abdomen area, or anal periphery. It can also affect the cervix and vagina in women and urethra in men. In some cases, viruses are found in the mouth and pharynx that cause this disease.


The main cause of this disease is a virus with a DNA structure known as Human Papillomavirus or the papilloma virus.

It is classified into two types, a high-risk type and a low-risk type. This is very important in the treatment process. In the event of the virus, about 200 different types of HPV were identified.

Transmission Methods:

  • Sexual Methods: The HPV virus is transmitted from person to person through direct contact with skin or mucosa.
  • Non-sexual Methods: Although its percentage is low, it has been proven that the transition can be from the mother to her newborn during childbirth, moving from a person to himself by moving from the hand to the sexual area, or as a result of some tests or some things that have been examined in the genital area.

Treatment Plan:

By clinical examination, genital warts can be diagnosed due to the protrusions. Using magnification, small granules can be seen in the sexual area and near it.  It is also necessary to include internal examination of the vaginal and cervical areas.

In the diagnostic process, a swab is taken and the presence of the virus is determined by its absence from the PCR.


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