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  • Snoring is the loud and the harsh sound that occurs when one sleeps. The flow of air that enters when one breathes make the tissues present in the back of the throat to vibrate causing the sound called snoring. DRHC offers the best Snoring treatment in Dubai.
  • Though the women snore; it is most common amongst the men. Snoring usually occurs when one sleeps on the back and usually disrupts the quality of the sleep.

Causes of snoring

  • Obesity, genetics and pregnancy
    • The extra tissues present in the throat vibrate when one breathes in leading to snoring. The individuals who are usually overweight and obese often have the bulky tissues in the throat causing snoring.
    • The genetic factors and pregnancy can also lead to enlarged tonsils and adenoids causing snoring.
  • Allergies and nasal congestions
    • When there is any kind of congestion in the nasal tract, which prevents proper breathing, the snoring will bound to happen. This includes flu or cold or other nasal allergies. 
  • Central sleep apnea
    • The Central Sleep Apnea is a sleeping disorder which briefly stops breathing when a person sleeps and thus leads to the occurrence of snoring.
  • Sinus infections
    • This nasal condition affects the breathing flow and thus leads to snoring when the person is sleeping.
  • Deviated septum
    • The deviated septum leads to health problems such as difficulty while breathing, which in turn leads to the condition of snoring. 

Diagnosis of snoring

  • When you will visit our ENT specialist, he will inquire about the allergies you had been suffering with and also about your eating and drinking habits and the medicines, if any.
  • The doctor will examine the throat and the nasal passages for signs related to nasal, dental, jaw, mouth or throat infections which may be resulting into snoring.
  • If the specialist suspects the presence of the obstructive sleep apnea, then your partner may be asked to keep a track of the same by noting the sleep as well as the snoring pattern.
  • The doctor may also suggest you take the sleep monitoring study which will help in the analysing the sleep as well as the frequency of stopping breathing during the sleep.

Treatment for curing snoring

There are numerous products, medical equipment, exercises, surgeries and drugs that claim to be a sure shot treatment for snoring. However, changes in the lifestyle are considered the most effective treatment which includes:

  • Avoid drinking alcohol just before bedtime
  • Avoid sedatives
  • Maintain healthy weight
  • Exercise to tone and strengthen the muscles
  • Sleep on the side
  • Try eliminating allergens from the room in case you are suffering from allergies


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