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Oversized breasts are as common as small-sized ones. Discomfort associated with a large breast is not just physical, but also physiologic and psychologic. Breast reduction surgery comes to the rescue for those ladies who wish to have a more natural-looking, proportionate, perky breast with a superiorly placed nipple.

A breast reduction surgery may be covered by some insurance providers if it has been causing serious postural problems and body aches in a lady. It is an excisional surgery. As for breast lift, the selection of techniques for breast reduction depends upon the position of the nipple as compared to the breast fold. All ladies needing breast reduction will have the nipple lying considerably below the breast fold. There are many reasons for breast overgrowth and a thorough workup is necessary. Dr. Ateesh will take a detailed history and will evaluate you with certain blood and radiological investigations before the surgery.

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Some important facts :

Candidates for Surgery:

  • Oversized breasts, out of proportion to the body stature.
  • Pain in breast, neck, shoulder, and back due to the weight of the breast
  • Bra straps digging in the shoulder and causing eczema and ulceration.
  • Difficulty in sleeping comfortably at night.
  • Changed posture with a forward bend to hide the breast volume.

Medical fitness for surgery will be decided by our experts, so as to assure you the best possible results.

Duration: Daycare procedure in most of the settings. You will go home within 24 hours. However if the

Technology: Surgical rearrangement of skin and soft tissue of the breast

Liposuction may be added to feather the bra rolls.



Anaesthesia: General Anesthesia

Recovery: You will be guided thru the recovery by our team. There may be some drains placed in your breast to remove the blood-mixed fatty fluid, which usually are removed after 1-2 nights. Desk jobs can be resumed within 72 hours. You should be pain-free within a week’s time and resume graded workouts within an additional week. The breasts will need to be supported with a special garment, which will be discussed with you in detail during the consultation. Though you will be able to appreciate the changes immediately, however achieving the final shape takes about one year. Mastopexy always has some scars around the nipple and a vertical one running down from a six o clock position. These scars are permanent in nature, but they get better with time.

Longevity of Results: Permanent. One-stage procedures are more challenging and often need revisional procedures for scars and nipple repositioning. Our team stays with you in your post-surgery journey.



dr maen

Dr. Maen Al-Aissami

Specialist Plastic Surgeon

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