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There is a subset of women who have already undergone breast enhancement with implants and now for various reasons want to remove the implants. The reasons may be personal or medical, but implant removal needs to be done at a specialised centre by a board-certified plastic surgeon. We at Dr Rami Hamed Centre offer specialized breast implant services under Dr Ateesh Borole a double board-certified Plastic Surgeon.

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Some important facts :

Candidates for Surgery:

  • Patients who feel that the implants are mispositioned.

  • Patients who feel pain or discomfort in the breast after having breast implants for long.

  • Breast feels hard ( Capsular Contracture).

  • Suspected implant rupture.

  • Having concerns about ALCL.

  • Females no longer feel the need to have implants as their goals have been achieved and they feel that their breasts have changed in size over the years with regular growth cycles.

  • Females who suspect BII ( Breast Implant Illness) due to certain systemic symptoms which they attribute to the implants.

  • Having realistic expectations.

Medical fitness for surgery will be decided by our experts, so as to assure you the best possible results.

Duration: Day care procedure in most of the settings. You will go home within 24 hours in most cases.

Technology: Implant removal (explantation)

Implant with entire capsule removal (enbloc capsulectomy)

Anaesthesia: General Anaesthesia

Recovery: You will be guided thru the recovery by our team. There may be some drains placed in your breast to remove the blood mixed fatty fluid, which usually is removed after 1-2 nights. Desk jobs can be resumed within 72 hours. You should be pain-free within a week’s time and resume graded workouts within an additional week. The breasts will need to be supported with a special garment, which will be discussed with you in detail during the consultation. Though you will be able to appreciate the changes immediately, however achieving the final shape and texture takes about one year.

Breast implant removal candidates must remember that the breast after implant removal is never going to look as fuller and perky as it was with the implant in place. The breast will lose volume and often become more droopy after implants have been removed. Also if the breasts were having major asymmetry before the implant placement, it will return once the implants have been removed.

Longevity of results: Permanent, predictable and generally very good. However, the results do have an interpersonal variation. You will be advised about follow-ups and precautions to be taken. Our team stays with you in your post-surgery journey.

dr maen

Dr. Maen Al-Aissami

Specialist Plastic Surgeon

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