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HD Male Chest Contouring

The male chest is an important body structure that makes one look and feels more masculine. An ideal male chest is more fuller in the upper part and flat around the nipples with a well-defined muscle border under the nipple and on the sides. Many men often have occult gynecomastia which means an enlarged male breast gland under the nipple and some additional fat around it. This makes the problems worse when the man exercises to get rid of the fat, but as the underlying muscle hypertrophies, it actually makes the overlying breast gland and fat more prominent in the nipple region making it look further feminine.

In HD Male chest contouring Dr. Ateesh will combine Gynecomastia treatment by Liposuction and Gland excision with some additional fat grafting in the superior portion of the pectoralis major (chest muscle). This is combined with aggressive liposuction to create shadows and groves in proper places to help you achieve that masculine-looking chest.

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Some important facts :

Candidates for Surgery:

  • Males who have a feminine looking breast
  • Embarrassment in wearing tight t-shirts as the breasts show through.
  • Males who want to feel and look masculine.
  • Males who want to get rid of stubborn fat in the chest area
  • Males who want to get rid of loose skin and fat after weight loss.
  • Having realistic expectations.

Medical fitness for surgery will be decided by our experts, so as to assure you the best possible results.

Duration: Daycare procedure in most of the settings. You will go home within 24 hours in most cases.

Technology: Liposuction ( SAL/ PAL/ VASER) +/- J Plasma/Body Tite.

                   Gland excision.

                   Fat Transfer.            

Anesthesia: General Anaesthesia

Recovery: You will be guided thru the recovery by our team. There may be some drains placed in your breast to remove the blood-mixed fatty fluid, which usually is removed after 1-2 nights. Desk jobs can be resumed within 72 hours. You should be pain-free within a week’s time and resume graded workouts within an additional week. The breasts will need to be supported with a special garment, which will be discussed with you in detail during the consultation. Though you will be able to appreciate the changes immediately, however achieving the final shape and texture takes about one year.

Longevity of results: Permanent, predictable, and generally very good. However, the results do have an interpersonal variation. You will be advised about follow-ups and precautions to be taken. Our team stays with you in your post-surgery journey.

dr maen

Dr. Maen Al-Aissami

Specialist Plastic Surgeon

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