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  • Invisible lingual braces
  • Invisible linual braces
  • Invisible lingual braces


A lot of options are provided here at the best dental clinic in Dubai to straighten and properly align your teeth, one of these treatment options is the lingual braces.


Lingual braces are metallic braces that will straighten up your crooked and poorly aligned teeth, but the great thing about these braces is that they are invisible, because they are placed on the back surface of the teeth making it almost impossible to be noticed, making it a great choice to people who want to have a perfectly aligned teeth but without the braces showing.

First, our orthodontist will provide you with the proper diagnosis, using clinical examination and X-Rays such as a Cephalogram and OPG, so that he could properly and accurately diagnose your dental malocclusion.

After the proper diagnosis, an impression will be taken to your upper and lower teeth and will be sent to the lab to create a mould on which the brackets will be fabricated on. The next visit will be to place the lingual braces on your teeth, here our orthodontist will use the best cement available in the market to assure that the braces are securely fixed into the back surface of the tooth, the main concept is similar to the traditional braces, where direct and continuous pressure will be applied on the teeth to allow them to slowly shift their positions. This treatment usually takes up to one and a half years to achieve those perfectly aligned teeth. 

Advantages of the lingual braces :

  • Totally invisible, allowing you to continue your daily activities, and socialize with people without your braces being shown.
  • The lingual braces are fixed braces that will remain functioning all day and night to achieve the perfect alignment of your teeth.
  • The wires and brackets used here, at the dental department at Dr Rami Hamed center are customized to be flexible and intelligent in order to deliver you the results you wish for.


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