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  • Ceramic and metal braces
  • Ceramic and metal braces
  • Ceramic and Metal Braces


Poorly aligned teeth or crooked teeth are one of the main reasons and problems that stand in the way of the perfect smile that our patients seek. Here comes the role of our Orthodontist here at the best Dental Clinic in Dubai, who in their turn will perform the proper and right treatment to your case to achieve the perfectly aligned teeth you always wished for.

Braces are devices used by orthodontists in order to move the teeth into the proper position and to achieve perfectly aligned teeth.

How do Braces work?

They work by applying gentle, continuous pressure that will eventually lead to the movement of the teeth according to the direction of this pressure

Here our orthodontist will provide you with a wide range of treatments all with the same goal of achieving that perfectly aligned teeth. From these choices, there are the Metal Braces or the Ceramic braces.

What are the differences between these two types of braces?

  • Metal Braces: are considered one of the most popular types of braces for our patients especially those young patients, this kind of treatment was known for being not visually appealing and for the pain it causes, but this is not the case here where more special and comfortable wires are being used, and to cheer those young children we provide them with a variety of color bands which our orthodontist could apply to make it more fun and better looking.
  • Ceramic Braces: have the same concept as metal braces, but here they have a better ascetical appearance by exchanging the metal brackets placed on the tooth with another stain-resistant, tooth-color-like ones making them less noticeable in comparison with the metal braces, these kinds of braces are popular within adults who want to have well-aligned teeth.


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