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Aligner is one kind of orthodontic treatment that became popular day after day because it is a way to realign your crooked teeth by wearing an invisible, removable orthodontic appliance that is an effective, aesthetical, and comfortable way to give you that perfect smile.

This revolutionary is an alternative to other uncomfortable, and unpleasant metal braces, aligners will orthodontically realign your tooth by the method with the use of a series of plastic trays that will gradually adjust and realign your teeth.

Aligner is considered the best orthodontic treatment for those adults who are looking to fix and realign their teeth in a more pleasant and esthetical way.

What are the cases of malocclusion that our orthodontist can treat using aligners

  • Crowded teeth.
  • Presence of gap between teeth.
  • Crossbite: this is known as the reverse bit, it is when your lower jaw and your lower teeth are more protruded (Forward placed ) than the upper jaw.
  • Overbite: when your upper teeth and jaw are overlying your lower teeth. In other words, when biting your lower teeth are partially or completely hidden by your upper teeth.
  • Used as a retainer to prevent failure of your orthodontic treatment after being completed, and in case this relapse happened it can be used to treat it.

How do aligners realign and adjust your teeth?

Before placing the aligners, our orthodontist will do a series of investigations involving multiple X-ray examples. These x-rays are the Cephalogram and OPG. Then; our Orthodontist will decide the proper movement of your teeth in order to provide you with that perfect smile, then an impression will be made and both X-rays and impressions re-sent to the lab where your custom-made tray will be fabricated.

You will use a series of aligners in order to achieve the perfect well aligned smile you wish for, the number of aligners depends on your malocclusion case, but it usually takes between 20-30 sets of aligners one for each jaw, and will be provided as pairs by our orthodontist on your next visit, and you should wear each pair of aligners for a period of 2 weeks before visiting our orthodontist and taking the new set, remember that they are removable, but you should wear them most of the time with the only exception being when you're eating or brushing your teeth so that we could achieve the desired result in the shortest period of time.

How long does the treatment take?

The duration of the treatment usually depends on the case of malocclusion being treated but usually, for an adult, it would take less than a year to perfectly align your teeth. But remember that Aligners depend on your compliance so if you wear them almost all the time and visit our orthodontists for regular follow-ups then the faster and better the results are.


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