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Class II malocclusion is a common orthodontic discrepancy between upper and lower dental arches or bone bases.

It has several classifications on the severity, the position of upper incisors, skeletal or dental, upper protrusion or lower retrusion, or maybe a combination of both.

When Angle gave his famous classification for malocclusion it was very limited and confined in the sagittal direction only.

So; he classifies the class II cases into two subdivisions,

Class II Division 1



And class II Division 2

class II division 2

Depending on the position of the upper incisors.

The treatment method for the most common cases of class II division 2 malocclusion in children is in the age between 10 to 14 years old.

Most of these cases have obligated occlusion in the back positioned mandible due to tilted incisors backward, so once we upright them and do a proper alignment for the upper arch we notice a spontaneous correction for the lower jaw and in some other cases it may need some activation to correct the mandible by intermaxillary elastics or class II corrector devices like FORSUS for 3M UNITEC.


Which I find very effective in severe cases, so we can avoid the extraction decision for two upper premolars if we just become wiser and do not take a hasty wrong decision of extraction before we start the treatment.

Some other orthodontists prefer to start with functional removable appliances like a twin block.

Twin Block


Before they go for the comprehensive treatment, it would be a good decision if the patient is cooperative otherwise it would be a waste of time and money.

Going for the comprehensive treatment once the upper canine starts erupting then using class II correctors like FORSUS  with this method we can perform the treatment faster and more effectively than other treatment plans since always short periods of treatment are better for children because we cannot guarantee their cooperation in oral hygiene so it is better not to keep braces on for long periods.


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