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It is a condition of involuntary muscle spasm in the pelvic floor muscle. It can be painful, difficult, or impossible to have sexual intercourse, undergo a gynecological exam, and insert a tampon. This leads to generalized muscle spasms and temporary cessation of breathing. Without treatment, it can lead to frustration and distress and it may get worse.

Facts about it:

  • It varies from mild to severe.
  • It can result from emotional, medical factors, or both.
  • Treatment involves physical and emotional exercises, which are usually effective.

It is classified into two types mainly:

  1. Primary

It often happens on the first attempt of intercourse. There may be pain, generalized muscle spasms, and temporary stops breathing. Symptoms are reversed when the attempt at vaginal entry is stopped.

  1. Secondary

It happens after a normal sexual life. Usually happens due to certain events such as infection, menopause, traumatic event, medical condition, relationship issue, surgery, and childbirth.



  1. Pelvic floor exercise. Kegel exercises several times a day.
  2. Education and counseling. Providing information about sexual anatomy and the sexual response cycle will help to understand the process that the body is going through.
  3. Emotional exercise helps to identify and resolve any emotional tension that may be contributing to the vaginismus.
  4. Reducing sensitivity to insertion. The woman is encouraged to touch the area as closely as possible and to insert a finger gradually into the vagina.
  5. Vaginal dilators use. Once a woman can do this without pain, she will learn to use a plastic dilator or a cone-shaped insert. She will insert this without pain. The next step is to leave it for 10 to 15 minutes to let the muscle get used to the pressure. Next, she can use a larger insert, then she can teach her partner how to apply the insert. When she is completely comfortable with this, the couple can try intercourse again. They may wish to build up gradually to this as with the dilator.
  6. The time of the successful treatment will vary depending on the individual.
  7. Botox injection can be of great help.
  8. It is very rare that vaginismus will need surgery.

Anyone who is concerned about the symptoms relating to vaginismus should consult the health care provider for an evaluation immediately.

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