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G-Spot Enhancement

  • Orgasm in female could be vaginal orgasm (G-spot stimulation) or clitoral orgasm.
  • The G-spot area is anatomically found in the front wall of the vagina and the G-spot enhancement is creating fullness to the G-spot to reach more intense and deeper orgasm.
  • G-spot enhancement is also known as G-spot amplification or G-spot augmentation which is a simple, painless procedure, takes about 10 minutes in clinic, and is done by injecting manufactured collagen filler, hyaluronic acid, or PRP to increase the sensitivity of the G-spot and expand the duration and frequency of female orgasm
  • Recent studies showed that the G-spot enhancement has dramatically increased the libido as woman noticed that it is more sensitive and orgasm occur easier and more frequently.
  • G-spot enhancement is a safe, quick, and effective way to have more sexual satisfaction. Sex can be resumed the same day.

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