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Pediatric Ophthalmology: 

As parents and caregivers, ensuring the well-being of our little ones is always a top priority. And when it comes to their eyesight, we want nothing but the best.
Why is pediatric ophthalmology so important? Well, our children's eyes are constantly developing during their early years. Detecting and addressing any potential issues early on can greatly impact their overall visual health in the long run. From common refractive errors like nearsightedness or farsightedness to more complex conditions such as strabismus (squint) or amblyopia (lazy eye), pediatric ophthalmologists play a crucial role in ensuring optimal vision for our little ones.

Squint in Children's Eye (strabismus):

Squint is one of the most common problems in children's eyes. It happens when one eye or both are looking in or out, up or down (not in a straight direction/gaze)

Squint can be accompanied by one or more of the following congenital eye problems e.g. cataract, nystagmus (pendular movement of eyes), error of refraction (myopia, hyperopia, or astigmatism), or any eye developmental abnormalities.

The diagnosis of children’s visual problems and eye diseases is not that easy especially in very young children due to communication problems. Luckily our highly qualified doctors can use advanced methods to achieve diagnosis and management of children’s eye diseases.

Congenital cataract in Children:

A congenital cataract is when your child is born with opacity in his eye’s clear lens.
It requires surgical intervention, but the decision and timing of surgery are taken by the surgeon according to the child’s age and overall condition.

When it comes to treating infantile cataracts, pediatric cataract surgery has emerged as a highly effective intervention. This specialized procedure involves removing the cloudy lens from your baby's eye and replacing it with an artificial lens implant. The surgery is performed by skilled ophthalmologists who have expertise in dealing with delicate eyes.

Lazy Eye in Children (amblyopia): 

Lazy eye is a type of visual impairment that takes place in one eye, less commonly in both. Identifying the symptoms of a lazy eye is crucial in order to seek appropriate treatment. From decreased visual acuity and poor depth perception to an obvious misalignment of the eyes, recognizing these signs early on can make a significant difference in restoring visual function.

Give your child the gift of good eye care and visit our pediatric eye clinic.


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