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Childhood Glaucoma Treatment - Dubai Eye Clinic

Pediatric Glaucoma: 

In some kids, very uncommonly, the drain of the eye does not form correctly which causes the pressure of the eye to go up. This is called pediatric glaucoma, a condition that can be devastating. It is a rare condition as compared to adult glaucoma.

When it occurs symptoms sometimes look like other conditions or medical problems that may not be obvious.

Unfortunately, Pediatric glaucoma can not be cured, but early treatment and diagnosis can control it, so we recommend regular eye checkups for your kids.

Pediatric glaucoma is a condition where the fluid inside the eye (aqueous humor) does not drain properly, leading to increased intraocular pressure. This pressure can damage the optic nerve and hinder normal vision development in children. The condition can be congenital, meaning it is present at birth, or it can develop later in childhood. 

Causes of Pediatric Glaucoma:

Pediatric Glaucoma can be inherited or associated with other disorders (secondary).

  • Some causes of secondary glaucoma include Sturge-Weber syndrome, inflammation Neurofibromatosis, retinopathy of prematurity, long-time steroid use, trauma, and after cataract surgery.

Depending on the age of onset, it can be classified as:

  • Congenital glaucoma: from birth to 3 years of age
  • Juvenile glaucoma: after 3 years of age

Signs of Childhood Glaucoma: 

Excessive tearing, high sensitivity to light and cloudy cornea, Rubbing of the eye, and enlarged Cornea

Treatment for Childhood Glaucoma:

When medical treatment alone is insufficient, surgical interventions may be necessary to manage pediatric glaucoma effectively. Some common surgical procedures include:


This procedure involves creating a tiny drainage hole in the eye's drainage system (trabecular meshwork) to improve fluid outflow.


In this surgery, a new drainage channel is created to bypass the blocked trabecular meshwork.


In this procedure, space is created inside the eye to drain fluid outside

Tube Shunt Surgery:

A small tube is implanted into the eye to facilitate fluid drainage, reducing intraocular pressure. What we do in both surgeries is an opening that is either made or fixed to allow a better drainage system of eye fluids. The main difference between them is that Trabeculectomy is recommended for infants with corneal haze (not clear cornea) and Goniotomy for the ones with clear corneas. In case the cornea is no longer clear (or in case the angle surgeries are ineffective), Trabeculectomy is recommended which serves the same purpose but has a different approach.

Ophthalmologist Advice for Childhood Glaucoma:

  • Use eye drops or oral medicine as prescribed by your Ophthalmology Specialist or health care provider.
  • Watch for signs and symptoms of high eye pressure not being controlled.
  • Your child should have regular follow-up appointments with an Ophthalmologist.


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