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Ankle fracture is a common injury in children. About 5% of all pediatric fractures, most of cases are through the physis (physeal injuries).

The major risk factors for ankle fractures injury is overweight in kids and participation in sports.

The injury could happen from direct trauma or from twisting the body weight around the foot and the ankle.

Distal tibial physis accounts for about 20% of overall lower extremity growth. It grows about 3-4 mm per year and the growth continues until 14 years in girls and 16 years in boys.

The symptoms are pain and inability to bear a weight with swelling and ecchymosis and sometimes deformity, if the fracture is displaced.

X-Ray with anterior-posterior, lateral and mortise view in an important diagnostic imaging tools. CT scan and MRI is also helpful especially in cases where there is suspected crushing injury in the physis .

Treatment of pediatric Ankle fracture

Nonoperative Treatment:

  • Short-leg cast for 4 weeks and non weight bearing in case of non displaced or minimally displaced and isolated distal fibular fracture.
  • Closed reduction and applying long leg cast for 6 weeks ,with non weight bearing in case of minimally displaced (2mm)distal tibia and distal fibula fracture .

Operative Treatment:

Open reduction and internal fixation or closed reduction and percutaneous fixation, in case of displaced fracture of distal tibia and fibula or unacceptable closed reduction(more than 10 dgrees of valgus or varus ,and more than 3 mm physeal widening).

In case of good treatment the complication rate is low, and the main complications are malunion ,ankle pain and degeneration, and growth arrest in the distal tibia or fibula physis.

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