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  • The fractures in the backbone are usually caused because of osteoporosis. This condition is more prevalent in fairer sex than in males but it cannot be accounted only for females.
  • Osteoporosis is a medical condition that generally occurs in adults who have crossed their thirties and are in their forties or fifties.
  • Due to various lag and tear the bones tend to get weak and reduce their calcium content which makes them susceptible to getting fractured or broken.


The spine fractures occurring mainly due to osteoporosis are termed spine compression. The spine compression accounts for almost 10% to 15% of normal fractures which occur in adults. These fractures can occur anywhere in the body but usually occur in the upper or lower portion of the vertebrae.

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Spinal fractures can be caused by trauma, such as car accidents, sports injuries, or falls from heights. Osteoporosis, a condition characterized by weakened bones, can also lead to spinal fractures, especially in older individuals. Understanding the causes and types of spinal fractures is crucial for accurate diagnosis and treatment planning

Types of fractures:

A spinal fracture that occurs because of osteoporosis (weak bones) is called spine compression but is also known as wedge fracture, osteoporotic fracture, and vertebral fracture. The broadly classified fractures are :

  • Crush fracture 
    • If the entire bone of the vertebrae breaks, rather than the front vertebrae then it is known as a crush fracture.
  • Burst fracture
    • This type of fracture is of major concern as the front lobe of the vertebrae is intact but the side part of the vertebrae is damaged.
    • This condition occurs when the bone of the vertebrae burst due to any reason. It is highly dangerous as it can result in serious neurological damage or partial paralysis which at many times is not curable.


  • Vertebral fractures are usually translated into acute pain which may change into chronic pain. This may cause deformity, loss of height, crowding of internal organs, loss of muscle, or aerobic conditioning due to reduced muscle activity.
  • The problem with the diagnosis of the spine compression fracture treatment is that it is not recognized early and many a time seen as normal back pain or loss of calcium in bones due to age.
  • Extensive checks and sometimes X-rays and MRI scans reveal the real depth of the problem.

Treatment (How long does it take for fractured vertebrae to heal?):

  • The treatment of the fractures caused by osteoporosis is prolonged as it consists of two processes.
  • The spine fractures treatment process first has to cater to the healing of the fracture and then at the later stage, it had to look after the osteoporosis for a healthy and fast recovery.
  • The fracture treatment usually includes non-surgical methods which include rest, massage, and taking medicines.
  • The treatment with medicine is preferred over surgery by many patients.

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