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Otosclerosis is a localized hereditary disorder of bone metabolism of the otic capsule of stapes bone that is characterized by disordered resorption and deposition of bone. It results from increased pathologic bone remodeling and the basic lesion consists of bone resorption by osteoclasts and new bone formation accompanied by vascular proliferation.

How Otosclerosis Can Be Managed?

  • The benefit of long-time treatment by sodium fluoride which is a known inhibitor of osteoclast is doubtful. It does not give good results. Bisphosphonates are suggested as a medical treatment for otosclerosis related to Paget’s disease.
  • A hearing aid is a good option: Conventional or bone-anchored hearing aids, especially for those patients working in different atmospheric pressure (like for pilots) or dealing with complex machines.
  • The most common treatment is the surgical replacement of the stapes.

How do you suspect of having Otosclerosis?

  • You are complaining of unilateral and bilateral hearing loss, without ear pain or ear discharge.
  • Young age, most start in the third decade of age.
  • Accompanied by tinnitus or ringing of the ear.
  • There is another person complaining of hearing loss or tinnitus in the family.
  • If you are a female and the hearing loss started or increased during pregnancy.

How can you confirm the diagnosis of Otosclerosis? 

  • If you suspect hearing loss accompanied by tinnitus, visit an ENT clinic.
  • The doctor will do an otoscopy or microscopic examination of your ears. Tympanic membrane should be seen as normal or a little bluish.
  • A hearing test by tuning fork suggests conductive hearing loss.
  • Hearing test by pure tone audiometry pattern will show conductive hearing loss, sometimes with sensory normal hearing loss (Carhart’s notch).
  • Tympanometry will show A-type or AS-type tympanogram with absence of acoustic reflexes.
  • Rarely, the doctor will do CT scan to differentiate another lesion or to see ossification patches.


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