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Ossiculoplasty - A surgical treatment to improve hearing


  • Ossiculoplasty is a surgical procedure carried out to repair the three bones of the middle ear to help improve hearing in patients suffering from the problems of conductive hearing loss.
  • The surgery is aimed at reconstructing the malleus, incus and stapes, which are the three ossicles located within the middle ear.
  • The bones might have become damaged due to various reasons, including infection and disease or even severe head injury.

About the procedure

  • Ossiculoplasty is also referred to as the Osscicular Chain reconstruction surgery and can either be limited to reshaping the ossicular bones or even replacing any damaged bones with prostheses.
  • The bones are approached through the ear canal after making a small superior incision or they can be approached by making a small cut behind the ear. In either case, the surgeon performing the operation needs to lift the ear drum to reach the middle ear where the ossicular bones are located.
  • Before the surgery is performed, the patients might be required to undergo the regular pre-operative assessment tests.
  • The doctors are also likely to seek details about the general health and well-being of the patients. Given that the procedure requires the implementation of general anaesthesia, the patients will be required to stop eating and drinking sometime before the surgery.

Associated risks and complications

  • Even though Ossiculoplasty is a relatively straightforward surgical procedure, it is not free from its own set of side-effects and complications, even though their occurrence is quite rare. The most common of these are listed as follows:
    • Patients might experience soreness or bruising around the incision site.
    • They might suffer from the problem of sore throat due to the insertion of breathing tube.
    • Some patients might face the problem of teeth damage or nausea or even muscular pain as a side effect of anaesthetic medication.
    • Temporary facial weakness might be experienced by patients whose primary facial nerve might have been slightly damaged during the procedure.
    • Infection of the wound site is also experienced by patients, which can be easily treated with proper medication
    • Many times the patients might experience a temporary disturbance in their sense of taste, which gradually improves with time.

Post-Operational care

  • In order to get the best results, it is important for the patients to adhere to the post operational care instructions strictly.
  • The patients will have to live with the dressing for at least 14 days after the surgery.
  • The patients will be advised to avoid contact with water until the ear is completely healed, even though the patients can resume work within 24 hours.

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