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Getting familiar with the various aspects of the ailment

Otosclerosis or Otospongiosis


  • Otosclerosis is a condition of the ear in which the patients suffer from abnormal growth of the bone in the middle ear. This abnormal growth also affects the functionality of the other components of the ear and in some severe cases, can even lead to loss of hearing.

    People most likely to suffer from Otosclerosis
  • Not many people are aware of the fact that Otosclerosis or Otospongiosis as it is commonly known as is an inherited disease.
  • However, the extremely varying degree of penetrance and expression make it quite difficult to identify an inheritance pattern. The disease is known to generally affect the Caucasian population, although the condition is also known to affect the Japanese, African Americans and South Americans in very rare cases.

Treatment Options

  • The type of treatment recommended for a patient suffering from Otosclerosis or Otospongiosis depends on the severity of the ailment.
  • In case the patients have just begun to experience severe hearing loss, the doctors might recommend a hearing aid along with continuous observation.
  • The patients might also be prescribed sodium fluoride as it helps in slowing down the disease. However, this medication might not be suitable for everyone, especially if the doctors are aware of the contraindications of prescribing the drug.
  • In case of patients suffering from extremely severe cases of otosclerosis the doctors might even recommend the surgical procedure of stapedectomy.
  • The procedure helps in treating the ailment by bypassing the diseased bone through the insertion of a prosthetic device that helps the sound waves to pass on to the inner ear without any interference by the abnormal bone growth.
  • However, the surgery might not be a viable treatment option for all patients. The doctors need to be aware of the various indications and selection criteria for stapedectomy.

Outcomes and Complications associated with Stapedectomy

  • Stapedectomy is known to provide excellent outcomes in terms of better hearing results that are known to last for several years after the surgery.
  • However, being a somewhat difficult and delicate procedure, the doctors performing this procedure need to be aware of the associated technical considerations to ensure its success. Moreover, like with other surgical procedures, Stapedectomy procedure has its own set of risks and complications.
  • The patients might suffer from scarring of the tissue, blood vessel spasm, infection or even irritation of the inner ear or leakage of the inner ear fluid. In some rare cases, the patients might suffer from further impairment of hearing, even after a perfect surgery due to the development of any of the above mentioned complications.

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