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What is Thyroid goiter?

A goitre is an abnormal swelling of the thyroid gland that causes a lump to form in the neck. There can be many possible causes, including an under- or overactive thyroid gland, iodine deficiency and, rarely, thyroid cancer.

Thyroid Goiter symptoms:

 * cough

* a tight feeling in your throat

* changes to your voice, such as hoarsenes

* sometimes difficulty swallowing for food and fluids

* difficulty breathing. 

Types of Thyroid goiter:

 1-Diffuse smooth goiter: like Grave's disease

2- Nodular goiters:

    a- A multinodular goiter.

    b- A single nodule. 

How can we diagnose Thyroid goiter?
Does Thyroid Goiters have risk of cancer?
  • Yes so we should exclude any carcinoma in goiter. 
Dose Goiter change thyroid hormones?
  • Almost no change of the levels of thyroxin hormone. but sometimes causes hyperthyroidism 
What is the treatment for a goitre? 
  • Sometimes need only observation
  • And may be surgery (thyroidectomy) that depend after study the case.


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