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In the case of a suspicious thyroid nodule detected by ultrasound or any other imaging tests such as a thyroid scan or MRI, a biopsy is necessary for further evaluation of the nodule. It is a simple and safe procedure performed in a medical facility or even in a doctor’s office.

For accurate placement of the needle, this should be performed under ultrasound guidance. The neck should be extended in a sterile fashion under local anesthesia, and a biopsy will be performed. Some pressure will be felt in the neck area due to the ultrasound probe or the needle.

During the procedure, talking, coughing, or even swallowing should be avoided. Prior to this procedure, the patient should be recommended to stop blood thinner medication, which may increase the risk of postprocedural bleeding. After that, pressure will be applied to the side of the biopsy.

Results expected are up to 70% benign and up to 7% malignant. A suspicious finding means that the chance of having cancer is almost up to 75%. An indeterminate finding means that some have benign features and some have uncertain features. In this case, the procedure can be repeated.

Suspicious for follicular neoplasm is up to 30% malignant. In this case, the lesion could be either a benign adenoma or malignant. For that, the whole lesion must be removed for a more accurate evaluation.

A nondiagnostic result means that the sample is not enough to make a diagnosis, for example, because of fluid or blood from a cyst. In general, ultrasound, thyroid scans, thyroid function tests, and additional diagnostics such as MRI and TNM classification are essential for planning a concept prior to surgery.

Materials Needed:

A Sterile Tray containing:

  • Sterile gloves, 2 pair ( doctor and radiologist)
  • Disposable gloves
  • Sterile Gauze
  • Surgical blade
  • Disposable 23G needle
  • Disposable syringe 10 ml/20 ml
  • Glass slides
  • Sterile jelly
  • Sterile slit towel
  • Antiseptic solution for disinfection (Betadine)
  • Sterile bowl
  • Sterile kidney basin
  • Band aid
  • Ultrasound guidance and sterile probe cover
  • Local agent
  • Permanent marker.

Procedure details:

  • FNAC procedure is performed under local anaesthesia.
  • Laboratory technician should be informed one day prior to the procedure through medical The technician should be present before starting the procedure for the slide preparation.
  • Inform the Radiology department prior to the The radiologist should be available during the procedure,
  • Prepare the above
  • Maintain aseptic technique since the procedure is
  • Position the patient according to the site where the procedure to be Make the patient to wear the gown.
  • The doctor will perform the procedure under Ultrasound guidance. Assist both radiologist and doctor for doing the FNAC.
  • Once the sample is collected, it should be handed over to the lab technician for slide preparation.
  • Sample should be properly labled and with request sent to the
  • Apply pressure on the puncture
  • Make sure bleeding is stopped before apply band
  • Replace the articles and clean the
  • Order and record the procedure in the system.


NB: For TRU-CUT BIOPSY, points to be remembered are:

  • No need for lab technician and
  • Sample container with formalin is needed for sample
  • Tru- cut Biopsy set.

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