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Scrotal or Testicular Pain at Urology Clinic DRHC Dubai

Our expert Urology team deals on spot with the urology emergencies which manifest themselves with acute pain in the testis or scrotum and this is helped by the availability of all the latest radiological and laboratory investigations. DRHC offers the best urology doctor in Dubai to consult for testicle pain, and varicocele treatment.

Acute scrotal pain is a well-known urological emergency mainly related to testicular torsion. The main concern of the urologist will be to rule out the torsion, which occludes the blood supply and may destroy the testis within 30 minutes. Doppler ultrasound and special isotopic scanning can discover the torsion and differentiate it from the more common condition which is Epididymo-orchitis, which is an inflammatory process that gives the same clinical picture and is easily treated with antibiotics. DRHC provides one of the best scrotal and testicular pain specialist in Dubai.

Chronic scrotal pain is another common reason for men to contact their general practitioners. However, although chronic scrotal pain is not life-threatening and does not require immediate action, it has a considerable effect on a patient’s quality of life. The prevalence of chronic scrotal pain is unknown.

If clinical examination is normal, ultrasound is sometimes performed to reassure the patient that there is no tumor in the testis. Ultrasound can be used to diagnose hydroceles, spermatoceles, cysts and varicoceles. The urine should be analyzed. MRI and CT scans may be used to help with assessment.

Treatment of conditions causing Scrotal pain

  1. Intra-testicular lesion: require further analysis in most cases. This can be a tumor related and excision can be performed. Hydro or spermatoceles is another painful fluid-filled lesion in the scrotum which may require surgical removal.
  2. Varicocele: This case can be treated conservatively but when painful and aggravated in standing, surgical treatment can be performed.
  3. Epididymo-orchitis: This is mostly an acute infection of the testis or epididymis. Chronic epididymitis is a chronic inflammation which can be infective or due to an obstruction of the vas deferens. For treatment, antibiotics are the first line of treatment for a few months and can be combined with anti-inflammatory drugs.
  4. Post-surgical procedures: Many procedures, such as vasectomy and hernia repair, may be followed by scrotal pain due to bacterial infection or inflammation.
  5. Pelvic floor muscle dysfunction: Pelvic floor muscles may be overactive and painful and are usually treated by physiotherapy. Pain can be the result of trigger points in the pelvic floor and lower abdominal muscles. Physiotherapy treatment focuses on applying pressure to the trigger point and stretching the muscle. If pain continues and no pathology is found, or when specific therapy has no effect, the patient should be referred to the pain management team.

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