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Dubai Urology clinic experts pay special interest in bladder dysfunction diagnosis and treatment with large records of successful treatment

Bladder Dysfunction or idiopathic overactive bladder is a common condition in ladies above the age of 40 years. They can develop urge incontinence which requires medical advice. We offer urinary incontinence treatment in Dubai.

Diagnosis is made with exclusion of urinary tract infection and with the positive finding of spontaneous uninhibited bladder contractions in the cystometric urodynamic examination. 

The condition is usually treated with Antimuscarinics oral medication.

Intravesical injection of botulinum toxin (Botox Class A) can be considered in some cases. It can be done under sedation. The effect needs 5-7 days as no painful bladder with improved urge incontinence. These injections can help for 6-9 months and can be repeated.


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