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Self Ligating Braces

A new generation of Orthodontic Brackets is now available for you and your family, you may have been worried about the pain, length of treatment, and having to had an extraction during your orthodontics treatment. Now all these worries have disappeared with this revolutionary method.

It is a unique method for the following reasons:

  • It can treat all kind of orthodontic malocclusion starting from the simplest one till the most complicated one.
  • It is a fixed braces system but very efficient, It helped us to avoid teeth extraction in many cases.
  • Most patient report no pain. The system helped us to significantly reduce the pain, which usually happen in first two weeks after starting treatment .
  • It helped us to reduce the treatment period by 25 - 30% less time than traditional braces.

How do self ligating braces work?

They use the same concept of traditional braces but with more gentle pressure and less friction with wires which allow us to achieve our goal faster.

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