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What is a tremor?

A tremor is an abnormal involuntary movement due to rhythmic contraction and relaxation of muscle groups. It generally involves hands but may involve the head, voice, body, and lower limbs also. 

What are the causes of tremors? 

Tremors may be sign of primary brain disease or some systemic disorder. Systemic disorders like Thyroid hyperactivity, abuse or withdrawal of alcohol, panic attacks, Disorders of the liver and kidney, certain medications, and poisons can cause tremors

Primary brain diseases like Parkinson’s disease, dystonia, multiple sclerosis, stroke, and traumatic brain injury can also manifest with tremors.

What difficulties do the patient/family notice when someone has tremors? 

  • Shaking of hands/legs/head/whole body
  • Shaky voice/change in voice
  • problems holding and controlling tools like pen/spoon/comb etc.

How is tremor diagnosed?

  • Detailed medical history and Neurological examination
  • Certain blood tests
  • Brain imaging and other specialized tests if needed

How is tremor treated?

It depends on the cause. May need withdrawal of certain medications. Pharmacological as well as non-pharmacological options can be helpful.


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Dr. Ehsan Yaghoubi

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