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What is Trigeminal Neuralgia?

It is a neurological condition characterized by episodes of intense pain in areas of the face on one side. The trigeminal nerve is a nerve that carries sensation from the face to our brain. If one has trigeminal neuralgia, he or she has episodes of sharp pain with normal daily activities like brushing teeth or washing face with water. Even a blow of air can trigger intense pain. The Trigeminal nerve has 3 divisions and the pain can occur in one or more divisions at a time.

What causes Trigeminal Neuralgia?

A loop of blood vessels around the root of the Trigeminal nerve is thought to be the reason for this condition. Due to pulsations of the vascular loop, the pressure effect on the trigeminal nerve root results in alterations in signal transmissions in the Trigeminal nerve.

Sometimes, a tumor in the brainstem or a plaque of multiple sclerosis on the trigeminal nerve root is the reason for this syndrome.

Special sequences of MRI of the Brain are recommended to find out the etiology.

How is Trigeminal Neuralgia treated?

Several specific medications have been identified and scientifically proven to relieve the pain of trigeminal neuralgia.  If the pain is resistant to treatment or has side effects, then the surgical option can also be considered.


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