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What are the common types of headaches?

  1. Primary headaches like Migraine, tension-type of headache, and cluster headache with other TACs( trigeminal autonomic cephalalgias ) are common types of headaches.
  2. Other common headaches are chronic daily headaches and medication overuse headaches
  3. Secondary headaches like those related to neuro infections, tumors, bleeding in the brain, or clogging of veins in the brain due to blood clots need to be ruled out in appropriate clinical situations.

What are the warning signs of serious headaches?

  1. Sudden severe headache- the worst headache of life
  2. Headache associated with neuro deficit
  3. Early morning headache waking someone up from sleep
  4. Headache with projectile vomiting
  5. Headache with impaired sensorium
  6. Headache following recent trauma
  7. Headache triggered by cough, sneeze, exercise
  8. Headache that changes with posture
  9. Headache in a patient with HIV and previous history of malignancy
  10. Any new headache above the age of 60 years

How is migraine treated?

- There are 2 treatment considerations,

  1. Acute therapy
  2. Long-term therapy.

Acute treatment is with pain medications for immediate relief. Long-term therapy is with migraine prophylactic medications and other non-pharmacological measures, depending upon the person's preference, comorbidities, and risk of adverse events.