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What are Pituitary Disorders?

The pituitary is a small yet powerful gland found at the base of the brain. It acts as the control center for our endocrine system, producing and releasing hormones responsible for growth, metabolism, blood pressure, reproduction, and stress. Pituitary disorders are a group of conditions that affect the production and release of hormones. This can be reduced hormone levels (hypopituitarism) or excess levels 

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Pituitary adenomas:

Pituitary adenomas are benign tumors that are formed in the pituitary gland, causing hormone imbalances. This leads to symptoms such as headaches, vision disturbances and dizziness. Treatment aims to remove the tumor either through surgery or radiotherapy.

Pituitary tumor can be classified as Functioning or Non-Functioning. Functioning tumor leads to excess hormone production whilst Non-Functioning is the opposite causing reduced hormone production.


Hypopituitarism is defined as decreased hormone production by the pituitary gland. The cause can vary widely, including tumor, trauma, or infection. The symptoms differ depending on the degree of damage to the pituitary and which hormone is deficient. As for the primary treatment, hormone replacement therapy is used to help restore normal levels of hormone. Surgery is sometimes used to remove tumors of the pituitary.


Caused by an overactive pituitary gland leading to excess amounts of hormone being produced, and linked to a functioning pituitary tumor. Common conditions include Cushing’s Disease, increased production of cortisol, and Acromegaly, increased growth hormone.

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