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Oculoplasty Surgery - Dubai Eye Clinic

What is Oculoplasty: 

Oculoplasty is plastic surgery around the eye area like the eyelids, lacrimal system, eyebrows, and forehead, where both cosmetic and non-cosmetic surgeries can be performed.

Oculoplastic Procedures:

Eyelid surgeries:

Blepharoplasty, drooping eyelid (ptosis), turning off the lid (entropion), out turning of the eyelid (ectropion) or eyelid laceration or defect, tumor excision, and reconstruction.

Lacrimal and tear drainage pathway: 

Surgeries for the management of various degrees of stenosis and obstruction of a lacrimal pathway like Dacryocystorhinostomy, lacrimal probing, and stringing.

Diseases of the orbit:

Involves the bony framework around the eye: as fractures and tumors of the orbit.

Thyroid Eye Disease:

Thyroid eye disease is a challenging condition that results primarily from an immune system disorder affecting the thyroid gland and causing inflammation in the tissues around the eyes. This results in different degrees of eye discomfort, double vision, and changes in appearance.

Our doctors use advanced eye imaging and examination techniques to diagnose the disease accurately and customize a plan for the treatment, which may be medical only or surgical according to the severity of thyroid eye disease, aiming to relieve discomfort and restore the natural look of the eyes.


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