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Hyponasal speech is caused by an obstruction of the nose or upper airway like the child has a stuffy nose.

  • Swollen adenoids or tonsils, often causes these blockages.
  • Sinusitis
  • Nasal cavity tumors
  • Nasal septum deviation
  • Other craniofacial anomalies: restricted pharyngeal cavity space due to maxillary retrusion, Choanal atresia (congenital obstruction of the posterior nasal opening)
  • Unwanted result after nasal operation like adhesions or narrowing.
  • Stenotic nares (narrow nostrils, often seen in patients with cleft lip repair

Hypernasality is a speech resonance problem, occurs when there is too much air leakage through the nose during speech. most causes of velopharyngeal insufficiency are the cleft palate or sub mucousa cleft palate or after adenoid removal, or from the neuromotor disorder in the soft palate or the pharynx

How is Hypernasality treated?

The treatment of hypernasality due to velo- pharyngeal insufficiency include

1- Surgical intervention: pharyngeal flap or cleft palate repair. etc

2- A prosthetic devices

3- Speech therapy: is indicated in most cases.

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