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We will try to simplify the sinusitis in the below text for general information, although we feel your case should be checked by an ENT specialist particularly in chronic cases to treat it properly.  DRHC offers advanced sinusitis treatment in Dubai. For booking an appointment you can call to +97142798200


  • Every year countless people suffer from the misery and discomfort of severe nasal condition that is commonly referred to as sinusitis.
  • When the disease takes up a chronic form, it is generally referred to as rhinosinusitis and is generally difficult to treat and becomes a recurring condition.

Learning more about Rhinosinusitis

  • In order to properly manage the disease it is important to understand acute Rhinosinusitis and symptoms in the thorough manner. The ailment results from the infection or inflammation of the para-nasal sinuses.
  • The infection can be caused due to a variety of autoimmune problems or even due to infection by bacteria, virus, fungi or other allergens.
  • Both chronic and recurrent acute rhinosinusitis are highly communicable diseases and can spread through contact air as well as contact with other infected surfaces. The disease is generally classified into two major categories based on the sinuses location and duration of the disease.

Classification according to Sinuses

  • Rhinosinusitis is classified into the following four types according to the location of the sinuses:
    • Maxillary sinusitis - In this case the patients generally experience pain or pressure in the maxillary sinuses area, such as the cheeks.
    • Frontal sinusitis- This type of rhinosinusistis is generally identified by pain or pressure in the area above and behind the eyes, where the frontal sinus cavity is located.
    • Ethmoid sinusitis- This category of rhinosinusitis often results in pain and pressure between and behind the eyes where the ethmoid sinus cavity is located.
    • Sphenoid sinusitis- This category of the ailment generally affects the vertex of the head, even though the patients might sometimes experience pain and pressure behind the eyes.

Causes of Sinusitus

There are several reasons that might result in the development of acute or chronic or acute rhinosinusitis. The most common causes of sinusitis include the following:

  • Exposure to polluted air containing allergens responsible for the ailment
  • Exposure to bacteria, virus or fungi causing chronic rinosinusitis
  • Changes in climatic conditions can also lead to the development of the disease
  • Smoking can be a major reason for development of acute or subacute rhinosinusitis

Associated risks and complications

  • Like most other health ailments, the treatment of rhinosinusitis involves the consideration of various risk factors.
  • Overlooking these risk factors can result in lead to various complications such as infection of the surrounding structures and decrease in the sense of smell amongst the patients.

Treatment Options

  • Although in most cases, rhinosinusitis can be treated through a proper anti-biotic course, some severe cases might require surgical intervention to improve the natural drainage system of nose.

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