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  • The sense of smell is one thing that we all take for granted. But, have you ever given thought to how things would be or your world would be when you will not be able to smell anything?
  • Anosmia is the condition where the patient completely loses his sense of smell. For some, anosmia occurs as a temporary phase which is usually caused because of the stuffy nose, and when the nasal passage gets clear, the sense of smell returns. But, for many, the loss of smell is a permanent condition, which is one of the serious medical conditions.

Causes of Anosmia

  • The most common cause for anosmia is the nasal congestions caused due to cold, sinus infection and allergy.
  • Other causes include:
    • Nasal polyps which are the small noncancerous growth in sinuses and nose which leads to blockage in the nasal passage.
    • Injury in the nose or the nerves caused due to surgery or the head trauma
    • Constant exposure to toxic chemicals such as solvents and pesticides
    • Constant medication which includes antibiotics, heart medicines and antidepressants
    • Old age
    • Medical conditions such as Parkinson's disease and Alzheimer's disease
    • Radiation treatment for curing head or neck cancers 


  • The most obvious symptom for anosmia is the loss of sensation of smell. The patients usually notice the change in the way they smell things. 


  • If you experience the loss of smell caused due to certain kind of allergy or cold, which does not restore in a span of a week or two, it is advisable to visit a doctor for proper diagnosis.
  • The ENT specialist will look inside the nose using special instruments to check for any growth or polyp which may impair the ability to smell.
  • The doctor will also watch for the presence of any kind of infection. The ENT will determine the reason for the condition of anosmia after conducting necessary CT Scan. 


  • For the loss of smell caused due to cold or allergies, which is temporary in nature, a concrete treatment is not required. This condition will improve on its own. You may use certain decongestants for opening up the nasal passages.
  • However, if the congestion persists even after a span of one or two weeks, you must pay a visit to the doctor. It can be a case that you have developed an infection and require antibiotics to restore to normal.
  • There can also be the case of presence of growth and polyp which may be removed by performing a surgery in order to regain the smelling sense.

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