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  At Dr. Rami Hamed Center in DHCC, Kids Surgery in Dubai, we provide complete care for undescended testis  including all diagnostic modalities and the latest  surgical techniques available for the best outcomes 

Undescended Testis

An undescended testis is more common in boys who are born in less than 38 weeks. In the majority of cases, the testis descends by the age of 6 months, and in some, we should wait until 1 year of age, and after that boys will need an operation. This procedure is called an orchidopexy. This operation brings the testis down from the abdomen into the scrotum. There is an increased risk of infertility and cancer if still in the abdomen.

What is an undescended testis? 

Testis begin their development in the abdomen. Whilst your baby is growing and developing the testes gradually travel down into the testes' sac. This usually happens towards the end of your pregnancy. At birth, most boys have two testes in the scrotum. However, in some babies, one or both of the testes cannot be felt in the scrotum. The testis will then be undescended. This is also known as cryptorchidism. The testis is usually stuck in the inguinal canal or intra-abdomen

Usually, only one of the testes is affected or sometimes both.

An undescended testis is more common in premature babies, affecting around 3 in 10 premature babies.

How is an undescended testis diagnosed? 

By examination after the baby is delivered, or maybe after a six- or eight-week baby check. This is found by examining your baby's testicular sac gently to feel for the presence or absence of the testicles.

Sometimes, the testis may have descended to the scrotum but is not always able to be felt there. This is because the testes can sometimes rise back into the body, especially when your baby is cold. That called retractile testis does not have undescended testes and does not need any treatment.

Why should undescended testis be treated? 

Because the testis will not be mature in the abdomen. The amount of sperm and fertility levels are lower in men who have had an undescended testis, especially if it was not treated early in childhood. This is because the testes need to have a lower degree of temperature than the rest of the body in order to produce sperm.

Treatment for an undescended testis 

The majority will descend on their own before 1 year and do not need treatment. However, babies over the age of 12 months, with an undescended testis, are usually seen by a specialist for treatment.

An undescended testis is best treated in early childhood, we advise before 12 months. Most can be felt in the inguinal canal. They are usually treated by a short operation called an orchidopexy. This is an operation to bring the testis down from the abdomen or inguinal canal to its usual place in the scrotum. It is a short operation as a day case which is done under a general anaesthetic and we discharge the boy on the same day to go home.

Sometimes if both testes are intra abdomen a laparoscopy is needed to treat this case. 

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