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Hydrocele in Kids - Kids Surgery in Dubai 

Pediatric Hydrocele 

Hydrocele is a non-painful swelling in the inguinal region or scrotum produce by a collection of fluids. 

Two types of Hydrocele: 

1) Communicating hydrocele

  • Present at birth
  • Failure of the opening between abdominal cavity and scrotum to close properly and completely thus, allowing the abdominal fluid to pass into the sac around the testes.
  • Small in size during sleep and has the tendency to increase its size (when crying, straining, or severe coughing). 

2) Non-vommunicting Hydrocele

  • Maybe present at birth or develops as the child grows.
  • Tail end of the process vaginalis was appropriately closed thus, the fluid surrounding the testicles created by the process vaginalis lining can’t be drained nor reabsorbed properly.
  • Size does not change since the fluid is walled-off. 

How are Hydroceles diagnosed?

Physical examination by a physician and a bedside test (Transillumination) confirms the condition. 

Hydrocele Treatment

95% of hydroceles which are present at birth resolve completely by one year of age. Those lasting more than a year and for non-communicating hydrocele, surgical repair are needed. This is done as a day case surgery with minimum pain and very low risk of complication.

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