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Kids Circumcision at Circumcision Clinic DRHC Dubai


Our Kids surgery in Dubai unit offers the latest techniques in circumcision, including the Plasti-bell technique or the GOMCO technique. Both methods are approved with great results. The surgeon would have certain preferences for either technique depending on certain factors, including age and the risk of complications. Circumcision in Dubai DRHC is carried out by highly qualified doctors.

The Circumcision Surgery cost in Dubai DRHC is AED 3500 under local anesthesia. The further tariff applies if the case is complicated or requires general anesthesia.

Circumcision means cutting off the "foreskin” that covers the tip of a baby's penis. This can be done at all ages, from infants to adults. It depends on your own personal preference, culture, religion, and other reasons.

Benefits of Circumcision:

  • It lowers the risk of getting HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases thus, in 2007, the WHO endorsed circumcision as a way to help stop the spread of HIV
  • It reduces the risk of urinary tract infection
  • It protects against penile cancer.
  • It prevents phimosis, paraphimosis, and balanoposthitis.

Risks of circumcision:

Bleeding and infection at the site of circumcision are the most common complications; however, the risk is low.

Plasti-bell DRHC

Circumcision procedure:

Using of Blastibell procedure, under local anesthesia, without bleeding fear, or infection, we apply the plastic ring with the foreskin clipped off, and leave it to dislodge within a week, with a clean completely heald wound.

Circumcision Gomco Technique:

This device is designed to crush the excess foreskin between the bell and the base plate to perform circumcision.

  • First, a skin marker is used to identify the edge of the glans.
    • Note: that the corona curves around more distally on the penile ventral aspect.
    • Marking the foreskin to guide removal later.
  • Two clamps are applied on the edge of foreskin at the 10 o'clock and 2 o'clock positions.
    • Then a probe is inserted at the 12 o'clock position to release a clear track between the glans and the foreskin.
    • Separating the foreskin away from the glans.
  • Using a straight clamp to create a crush line on the dorsal aspect of the foreskin at the 12 o'clock position.
    • The crush line should stop about 1 cm distal to the coronal ring.
    • keep the clamp closed for a few seconds to create the crush line.
    • cutting down the middle of the crush line with scissors and preparing for insertion of the bell.
  • With the 2 o'clock and 10 o'clock two clamps still attached; the foreskin retracted to remove any additional adhesions between the foreskin and the glans.
    • Failure to remove all of the adhesions is labeled as the primary reason for a poor cosmetic outcome.
    • Inserting the bell to cover a glans (determine which size of bell will best cover the glans completely, Gomco 1.3 cm is the most commonly used size).
    • Make sure that the bell completely covers the glans and that the arms of the bell remain perpendicular to the axis of baby.
  • The next step is to place the base plate over the bell.
    • catching both the skin and mucosal layers, and carefully starting the passage of the bell and foreskin through the base plate of the clamp.
    • The base plate is lowered over the stem of the bell until it rests against the flare of the bell.
    • A clamp is used to pull the edges of foreskin through the base plate up to previous skin marker line.
    • Tighten the nut to secure the bell to the base plate
    • with this action, we are applying hemostatic force against the foreskin and we are committed to what we will remove.
    • Waiting for 5-7 minutes
    • The foreskin is cut by using the scalpel and the cutline should be where the bell meets the base plate.
    • loosen the nut.
    • Disable the device
    • Apply Pressure with normal gauze.
    • final check hemostasis (if required) with bipolar or applying pressure.
    • the foreskin should look tidy near the corona.
    • Finally, a Vaseline gauze dressing is applied.

Advantages of Gomco Circumcision:

  • Short time procedure.
  • Excellent cosmetic outcome.
  • No bell or any foreign body remaining afterwards.
  • Safe procedure: a metallic bell protects the glans penis during this procedure.

After Circumcision:

Proper hygiene is important by using the antiseptic solution and applying antibiotic cream after. It takes 5-7 days for the healing process. Minimal bleeding or swelling at first is normal.

When to consult a doctor:

Seek medical attention if there is any severe or continuous bleeding and pain, the child does not pass urine in the first 12 hours after the procedure, or any foul-smelling secretions. Almost all side effects are easily treated.

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