DRHC Dubai Urology Clinic

Ureteral stents  keep open the ureters, the tubes that allow urine to flow from the kidneys to the bladder. People may need them because of kidney stones, ureteral stones, narrowed ureters, or blockages in the ureters caused by tumors. Most stents are temporary, but some people with chronic problems need ureteral stents for longer..
Sometimes the urethra can become blocked so that urine cannot flow out normally. A ureteral stent can empty the ureter so that the kidneys can function as they should. 

The most common use of ureteral stents is to direct urine through the ureter around a kidney stone that is obstructing urine flow. Your provider may also use a stent after the kidney stones break up to prevent fragments from getting stuck. A stent may also be used after kidney stones have been removed to prevent obstruction of the ureter due to postoperative swelling.

DRHC urology clinic in Dubai has treatment for Prostate Problems and all kind of urinary problems.