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Pleural Diseases


Collection of air inside the chest cavity from outside or from the lung itself can be caused by chest trauma, barotrauma when the patient is on a ventilator, or spontaneously if there is a congenital defect in the lung like an air cyst, if small, called a bleb, or if big, called a bulla.

If it is simple, it can be observed; If it is severe, it needs evacuation by insertion of chest tube intercoastal; and in special cases, it needs surgical intervention, which can be done thoracoscopic through two or three holes.

Pleural effusion: collection of fluids inside the chest cavity; if the fluid has low proteins, the cause can be cardiac, renal, or hepatic; if the fluid has high proteins, the cause can be inflammatory, infectious, or malignant. The treatment must be directed to manage the cause. 

Hemothoraxa: collection of blood inside the chest cavity, mostly after chest trauma, bleeding usually comes from the chest wall vessels called intercostal vessels or from the lung. If more than 0.00 cc needs evacuation by chest tube, if the bleeding is massive, it needs surgical intervention.

Epyema: a collection of pus inside the chest cavity, usually as a complication to pneumonia. in early stages, it needs only antibiotics and maybe aspiration; after that, it needs surgical intervention by chest tube insertion under local anesthesia, thoracoscopy, VATS, or in chronic case, thoracotomy.

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