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If you have a condition that causes persistent shoulder pain, like arthritis, you could be contemplating shoulder joint replacement as a possible treatment option for alleviating the pain and regain your freedom and mobility.To consult with best shoulder specialist in Dubai, you can call to +97142798200.

The shoulder joint is a ball and socket joint composed of 3 main components: your upper arm bone (Humerus), your shoulder blade (Scapula) as well as your collarbone (Clavicle). When your shoulder is healthy, these bones are covered with cartilage as well as a lubricating membrane that keeps movements smooth and friction too minimal. This gives your shoulder the great motion range that it's capable of when healthy.

Regardless the possible injuries and diseases which can affect the shoulder joint, prolonged uncontrollable pain is still the most probable indication  to consider shoulder replacement. Among the primary causes of this kind of pain is arthritis, which is really a wearing away of the shoulder cartilage after years of wear and tear. After the cartilage and membranes that maintain the shoulder joint smooth wear aside, the bone-on bone rubbing causes the pain, stiffness and tenderness in the joint, which could dramatically restrict mobility. Other causes for pain leading to the choice of shoulder replacement operation include several types of arthritis - like rheumatoid or post traumatic arthritis - and also the after effects of fractures (Breaks) or rotator cuff tears which can change the bio mechanics of the shoulder joint leading to arthritis.

Some individuals also consider shoulder operations after creating a situation called avascular necrosis, which limits supply of blood to the bone and triggers death of bone cells and arthritis.

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Sound like you? so you may be better with shoulder replacement operation. Based on your condition, you'll find a number of different surgery available options to you, and you might not need a total replacement to get the results you are looking for. If there's still cartilage in the shoulder socket, total replacement might not be necessary.

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The most perfect individuals for total shoulder replacement surgery is patients with bone-on bone friction, but still have intact healthy rotator cuffs. if the rotators cuff is not intact, you may be better with a reversed shoulder replacement option.

The surgery involves replace the upper humerus with anatomically made metal ball, and changing the shoulder socket with a plastic (Poly-ethylene) socket. 

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