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At Dr. Rami Hamed Center (DRHC), we provide full sports injury management including shoulder arthroscopy dealing with all possible injuries and using the latest internationally approved techniques.

Shoulder Arthroscopy:

The shoulder joint is a flexible and wide joint which makes it ideal to deal with all soft tissue conditions like rotator cuff tears, Labrum tears as well as decompression of the subacromial space to treat shoulder impingement syndrome using a small camera system and minor tools which can be inserted into the joint easily without any damage.

The surgeon will carry out minor cuts in the skin to insert the camera system and the tools to be able to do the operation without any significant trauma to the shoulder joint. The operation is very effective in terms of functional results and controlled postoperative pain and movement.

Virtually all arthroscopic shoulder operation is performed on an outpatient basis.  You need to reach the hospital an hour or two prior to your operation. Do not eat or drink for 6-8 hours before your operation.  After arrival. Shoulder arthroscopy is performed under general anesthesia occasionally with regional anesthesia to help the pain after the operation.

The procedure generally lasts 1 to 2 hours. Typically, patients will be ready to go home in 1 or 2 hours after the operation.

The major advantage of shoulder arthroscopy is the faster recovery compared with conventional open shoulder operation. Ice packs, sitting, and sleeping in an elevated position can be comfortable for short time periods after surgery. Patients will have a simple dressing that is inspected and can be removed within a few days later but wounds are better Kept dry and clean for 10 days.

Cases Treated with shoulder arthroscopy:

Our patients will receive aftercare included in the shoulder arthroscopy package. 

Any unlikely complication requiring additional treatment can be covered under separate terms and conditions. You are advised to ask for a special price to cover the unlikely complications before the surgery is carried out. 

Package prices range are available via this link. (shoulder Arthroscopy Package)

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Dubai Shoulder Clinic at DRHC has the best orthopedic surgeon in Dubai who provides shoulder arthroscopy, shoulder surgery, and treatment for shoulder pain, frozen shoulder, dislocated shoulder, shoulder impingement, and so on.